Why get a loan from EML Capital Group?

Seeking out the helping hand when you need it isn't easy. Important financial decisions need to be made that ultimately have a large-scale and long-term impact on your business and livelihood. We strive to use our experience as Financial Advisors to facilitate and guide clients and business owners to make the best decisions as if we were in their shoes.

It's simple really, treat people right, give valuable insight and advice, and help them get the best deal possible. End of story.

The EML Capital Group Advantage

We have years of experience in helping real business owners get the funding they need. With an expansive variety of loan solutions and credit lines, we have been able to help a lot of businesses thrive. We love helping businesses succeed and we understand that the success and growth of your business depend on capital investment. We not only provide you with capital but also proudly maintain a reliable customer service support system. Our goal is complete customer satisfaction.

We specialize in helping businesses that have been going through hard times.

Call us now and we will discuss with you the many options and services we can provide to your business.


In any aspect of life, flexibility is a big factor that can either help or hinder you. In business, it is even more so and we at EML Capital Group understand the need for flexibility. Your bad credit should not hinder you from getting the cash you need for your business.

We don't only offer flexibility in terms of approval, but also within the contents of the loan itself. We offer fast funding -faster than your average loan- and you receive no stipulations for spending your funds. You can use your funds in many ways, such as improving cash flow, paying debts, taking advantage of new business opportunities. We won’t put any restrictions on how you use your funds and you have the freedom to use them at your discretion. Our flexibility is unparalleled and is all made to cater to your business’s needs.

Small Business Loans.

Another loan option that we offer is small business loans, which can be needed to fund purchase orders, accounts payable, payroll expenses and various expansion plans for established entrepreneurs. Sometimes, money needs to be quick and handy in order for your business to keep moving forward. At EML we have minimal requirements for you to get your business loan.

Zero Upfront Costs

Unlike traditional banks, we never charge upfront fees for you to borrow money from us. We never charge you for you to fill out an application nor do we take any upfront money from you to consider it for approval. We know that our clients already need more money than what they already have so we do not expect any down payment, credit report fees or business review fees; at EML, we are trying to make the process as easy as possible.

Bad Credit Business Loans

You may have had a lot of trouble getting funding for your business before because of bad credit scores. At EML Capital Group, we offer financing solutions for small and medium size businesses with bad personal credit. Your below-average credit scores doesn't have to disqualify you from securing capital for your business anymore.

We at EML have been offering business loans to qualified borrowers regardless of personal credit rating. We consider many other factors and do not base our decision solely on credit scores and that is why our process is quick and easy.


Our programs are perfect for companies that accept credit cards as well as for those who do not. You will just need to provide three months of bank statements showing $10,000 a month, if you do not accept credit cards. If you accept them, you will need to supply four months of credit card statements that reflect $2,500 in monthly sales or more. Call us now and speak to one of our professional loan counselors. We are available seven days a week to answer all your questions.

Business Funding

Expanding your business operations needs funds, and who would ever want to put themselves in the pickle of going through traditional banking application and requirements. You won’t find those problems at EML Capital Group, where we provide funds to help businesses likes yours so that you could keep working without pause.

The EML Way

We understand that in any line of business, you may find yourself in need of quick and easy funds. At EML Capital Group, we were able to build a model that allows for a quick decision to be made with minimum paperwork. This allows us to make quick and efficient decisions so that you would be able to get your work underway.


What People Are Saying

Robert B.
Fort Worth, TX

You helped me get the $346,000 my company needed desperately. It was good to have someone really listen and treat me like a person. I would definitely recommend to any and all that need funding. Thanks EML!

Carolyn F.
Chicago, IL

Funding my restaurant was very confusing with all the options out there. the advisor I spoke with at EML was really knowledgeable in all the different loan types and we were able to find the perfect fit for my business. 24 hours later we were approved! Thank you.

Alan S.
San Diego, CA

All it took was a few hours and I got the working capital that I needed for my company. I filled out a basic application and thats it. More money than we expected.

Chris P.
Hollywood, FL​

The process was faster and easier than expected. Eric was very friendly and very helpful. I would use again.

Leandra L.
New York, NY

Quick Loan from you turned my entire business around. All it took was an application, a few bank statements, and I received a loan for $180,000 for my manufacturing company.

Theresa A.
Redondo Beach, CA

My credit was left in shambles after struggling in the past. Leon was very easy to work with, and the process was smooth and painless. My bad credit didn't even matter! Thank you.


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