Consolidation Program

A Consolidation Program is when one large loan is used to pay off several smaller loans. The goal is to lower the total payments through a lower rate, extending the term, or both.

Consolidation Loans

Many businesses have multiple loans that have been stacked up over time that they want to lower into monthly payments. Many of these companies are able to consolidate merchant cash advances into one loan. They may also be able to extend the term of the advances. We assist in helping businesses pay off the other lender and lowering the payments.

How do I qualify for a business Consolidation Loan?

The key to qualifying for a Consolidation Loan is to reach out to those that specialize in the field and can help businesses find the best programs. EML works hard to make sure to find the program that has the right fit for you, with the best terms and the highest approval rates. Contact a Funding Specialist at EML Capital Group to get started.


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