Quick Funding

We pride ourselves on being able to react faster than anyone else out there. Businesses that are growing rapidly don't have the luxury of being able to wait several weeks or months to get a loan. We can help you get financing of up to $500,000 in as little as 1 business day.

Time is Money

Cost is an important factor when choosing a business loan, but sometimes getting your loan fast is just as important; after all, time is money. No matter what the situation is, EML Capital Group will be there to react quickly and effectively when you need help.

Fast Funding

Applying for a business loan through traditional institutions can be frustrating, time-consuming and complex. However, EML Capital makes business loan decisions quickly and efficiently. In fact, we can make our decisions in as quick as 2 hours and are proud of our over 90% approval rate.

Flexible Funding

EML Capital Group understands the need for flexibility in business. We believe that bad credit should not hinder you from getting the cash you need for your business

We offer flexibility with approval and with the details of the loan itself. We offer fast funding. You receive no stipulations for spending your funds. You can use your funds in many ways, such as improving cash flow, paying debts, allowing you to be able to take advantage of new business opportunities. We don’t put any restrictions on how you use your funds and you have the freedom to use them at your discretion. Our flexibility is built to cater to your business needs.

Get Started with EML

It’s very easy to start your application for a merchant cash advance. You have three options for applying:

  1. You can call 844-EML-FUND (365-3863) to speak with a representative in the USA.
  2. You can complete an online form and leave a message explaining your business needs.
  3. You can request an online chat with a representative, as well.


Speak with a Financial Advisor
1-844-EML-FUND (365-3863)