We Say Yes When Banks Say No

How EML Capital Group helps when others won’t.

For a number of various reasons, business owners encounter a situation where they need financial assistance to meet the daily operations and support their future plans. It might be for a retail business, online business, home based business or niche-specific business. Whatever the reason might be, where to get a loan or a working capital is almost always just down to two major choices—a private lending company or a bank.

Big and small businesses are counting on business loans, be it for expansion purposes, to build a business credit, buy equipment and inventory or hire more workers on the company and the first option that comes to their mind is to go to a bank. Unfortunately, banks are making it hard or impossible for certain businesses to acquire short term loans due to a number of reasons.

But really, why do banks tend to say no to small business loans?

Primarily, banks say ‘No’ to short term loans because they are known to be stricter with their requirements and qualifications. They tend to look closely on your eligibility and usually put the most weight in there than their other criteria.

  • Banks think small businesses do not have enough collateral for short term loans.
  • Small businesses, according to banks, have no clear evidence that their businesses are bound to make profit steadily. They think these industries are on a testing ground, so they do not put much trust into it, much more granting it a loan.
  • If a small business belongs to an unstable industry, banks say no to it, too. Banks tend to think long-term, and always try to foresee what happens next in an industry. If they see your industry as one that’s fluctuating, even if you business isn’t, it is unlikely for them to grant you a loan.
  • Banks pay attention to credit scores to determine if a business owner is paying his financial obligations on time and managed his personal and business finances responsibly. Since most small companies have no established credit history, they typically get turned down for a business loan.

There’s Hope At EML Capital Group

Don’t fret, there’s hope for a business like yours.

Here at EML Capital Group, we look at your company potential and we’re here to help you access small business finance when most banks say ‘No’. It is part of our mission to help you reach your goal. We want to be there for you when you need us the most, since that is primarily why the company exists.

We strive to help you grow your business, which is why we treat your business like our own, and help it succeed in a way only we know how. We make sure to give you what you need quickly, in this case working capital, because we know that in business, timing is everything. In business, time equals money.

Our Attitude To All Business Services

  1. We fund all types of businesses we believe in, because we want to share the same passion with our clients. We pit huge value in small businesses, because we believe in the old saying that “Great things come from small beginnings”.
  2. Whether your business is big or small, we can provide you with a working capital fast and easy using our modernized financing system. We offer financial support through loans that keep giving, loans that are designed to keep your business moving forward. The loans we provide are guaranteed faster, and with better interest rates that would not break your bank, interest rates that would not hurt your pocket.
  3. We pride ourselves with over $500 million worth of funds we have granted businesses of different types. We do not discriminate over a business size or worth, but really find the worth of all businesses so we can help them by granting them a business loan.
  4. EML Capital Group also has experienced Financial Advisors with only your best interests in mind. We are here to help you increase your business revenue and go with your competitors, proven by the reasonable rates that aim to advance your business instead of bankrupting you with rates too high for your income.
  5. We love seeing you succeed, and have developed various business loans and financial solutions, along with a customer service support system to really give you the help and support needed by your business the most.
  6. Banks say no when a business is too small, we say yes because we understand how important it is to have a working capital to support the needs of your company. We know that not every empire started out as an empire, and that a major company was once as small as well.

We understand your needs and we’re here to guide you in which loans are perfect for your business. It is our objective to support every business owner that comes to us for financial assistance. Know that we are here for you—and together, we will make your business grow! Together, let us make it happen!

Call us 844-365-3863. Chat with us online, or email us. Whatever is best for you.